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Foot Care Services in Williams Lake

Colleen Crossley RN, BSN

Colleen Crossley RN, BSN

My name is Colleen Crossley, I have been working at the Chiropractic Associates and Health Clinic for over a year now, adding another health service to the professional team in our office. I have been living and working in the Cariboo/Chilcotin for 20 years. Over the 20 years I have gained nursing experience in university, health administration, remote nursing and clinical mental health environments.


As well as a busy career, I have been a community volunteer my whole life. From the Maple Ridge Agricultural Fair to the Cariboo Fall Fair (now the Harvest Fair), the Williams Lake Studio Theatre to the Stampede, also has donated thousands of hours to programs and services in this area.


I have found my favorite job now and that is working with those long-forgotten, frequently abused parts of our bodies – our feet! Making a difference for those who have problem feet/nails, foot pain, etc. – the things that cause foot pain, discomfort and have become too difficult to care for safely or comfortably I offer both in-home and clinic services.


Prices vary depending on the extent of care needed, however, I generally keep my prices low because client comfort is a key focus of my work. I provide basic nail and foot assessment, education and care, plus a circulation-enhancing foot massage for good measure. I communicate with the doctors so that there are complete records of client care in the community.


Please call my cellphone (Colleen’s Virtual Office) to make an appointment.




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